Non Deemed to Satisfy External Wall Cladding Systems

AUST - Hendry advises that in recent years, residential and commercial buildings in Australia have seen a dramatic increase in the use of innovative, external wall cladding systems which are not covered within the Building Code of Australia (BCA) deemed-to-satisfy (DtS) provisions and building regulations. When these systems are proposed in the design of a new building or building upgrades they are required to be presented as Alternative Solutions. The Alternative Solution must include evidence that allows the relevant authority to determine that the material and the form of construction proposed in the design meet the Performance requirements in the BCA. It

Grammar School Boatshed: Evacuation Diagrams: AS 3745-2010: Emergency Plan

AUST - Hendry provided the owner a metropolitan Grammar School of a boatshed with an emergency plan and evacuation diagrams for a part 2 storey building under AS 3745-2010 ‘Planning for emergencies in facilities’. The building’s emergency control procedures and evacuation diagrams were not up to date and did not comply with the provisions of AS 3745-2010. AS 3745 now requires the Emergency Planning Committee to nominate a validation date for the evacuation diagrams (that is, the date upon which the evacuation diagrams must be re-assessed against potential changes that have occurred to the building or AS 3745-2010). The Emergency Planning Committee

Activating Automatic Fire Door Closers: Fire Door Inspections

AUST - Hendry advises that the Building Code of Australia (BCA) in Clause C3.5 Doorways in fire walls requires a hold open fire doors to close automatically upon the activation of a smoke detector or other detector deemed suitable under AS 1670.1-2004 ‘Fire detection, warning, control and intercom systems – System design and commissioning – Fire’. Fire door inspections are to be performed under AS 1851-2005. The following illustration from BCA Illustrated depicts the automatic closing operation of both fire doors separating fire compartments 1 and 2 must be initiated upon the activation of a smoke detector in either compartment or

Technical Due Diligence Audit: Building Audit

AUST – HENDRY building surveyor were engaged by a major institutional building owner to provide a technical due diligence audit encompassing a building audit. The technical due diligence audit covered regulatory  issues such as the Building Code of Australia (BCA), Essential Safety Measures, Accessibility Audit (DDA), Risk and OH&S. The following is a part extract of a very extensive due diligence audit (Volumes 1, 2 and 3). Building owners and managers can view the Table of Contents and Preamble for the building audit.  This will provide you with a broad description of the depth that a BCA Building Audit can

Building Act 1975: Building Work: Building Regulations 2006

QLD – HENDRY building certifiers highlight the statutory responsibility of persons involved in minor fit-outs in a building under the Building Regulations. Owners, occupiers, developers and builders are all accounted for in the extensive framework of Queensland building legislation such as the Building Act 1975, Building Regulations 2006 and the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service. Even minor tenancy changes or small budget fit-outs (building work) can cause a change of use or a building to become non-compliant. With the increasing activity of government regulators the chance of non-compliance may not be worth the risk. Where Non-Compliances Commonly Arise Minor fit-outs

QLD – Fire Safety Installations Audit: Building Audit

QLD – HENDRY building certifiers provide a complete and independent fire safety installation audit and reporting service on fire safety installations to suit clients’ buildings. A fire safety installation audit enables property managers and building owners to have the assurance that their building are safe and meet their fire safety installation audit obligations under Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 (BFSR) leading to the signing of the Annual Occupiers Statement… (more) Building Legislation Table Refer to our Building Legislation Table for further information on the building control process and fire safety advisors. Further Advice For building surveying consultancy advice please contact our closest HENDRY office by clicking here.