Premises Standards: Principal Pedestrian Entrance: Disability Access

AUST - Hendry advise that there is no definition in the Building Regulations, Standards or the Building Code of Australia of the ‘Principal Pedestrian Entrance’; we need to refer to the Premises Standards Guide. The Guideline on the Application of the Premises Standards however states ‘The principal pedestrian entrance is required to be accessible in all cases because it would be the most commonly used entrance by all building users”. In a building however, where the rear entrance from a carpark is normally used by a majority of persons attending the building by car, the front entrance would still be considered

Building Approval Documentation

QLD – Hendry advises that the Building Act 1975 and Building Regulations 2006 by specific reference to referring authorities, Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Australia Standards, stipulates certain documents to be provided to a building certifier upon application for a building approval. Clients must be aware that the following Building Approval Documentation List is not an exhaustive list of requirements. Due to the nature of your building and type of building works (building approval) being requested other criteria may be required by the building certifier, e.g. controlling authorities consents, the use of your building, alternative fire safety engineering and alternative