Workplace Health and Safety Act: Evacuation Signs: BFSR: Emergency Plan

QLD – Hendry reports that under the Workplace Health and Safety Act, an employer must ensure that, in the event of an emergency at any place of work at which the employer’s undertaking is conducted, arrangements (such as evacuation signs/ evacuation diagrams) have been made for the safe and rapid evacuation of persons from the place of work. Furthermore, details of the arrangements for any such evacuation are kept on display in an appropriate location or locations at the place of work. AS 3745 – 2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities is designed to suit the requirements. As part of

Fire Alarm Systems: Essential Safety Measures

AUST - Hendry advises that fire alarm systems (essential safety measures) detect the presence of fire (heat and smoke) and raise an alarm to alert the occupiers of a building to the fire. Heat sensors and smoke detectors are integrated to most fire alarm systems. Building surveyors and building certifiers nominate in essential safety measures schedules/ determinations either ‘fire detectors and alarm systems’ or fire alarm systems. Building Code of Australia Part E2 Smoke Hazard Management of the Building Code of Australia specifies the buildings required to have a smoke management system and the smoke detection system (fire alarm system) to operate in accordance with AS/NZS 1668.1-1998 ‘The use of ventilation and air-conditioning in buildings –