Emergency Control Organisation: Chief Warden Training

AUST – Emergency Plan advises that under AS 3745-2010 ‘Planning for emergencies in facilities’, there are many critical aspects to a safe response to an emergency in a facility such as a building or other work place. All the planning documents and evacuation diagrams that have been created in the preparation of emergency planning will only support the actions taken by those involved, and one of the roles in the Emergency Control Organisation that can greatly influence the effectiveness of response is that of the Chief Warden. During an emergency, the instructions given by the Emergency Control Organisation take precedence over the normal management structure, and therefore the Chief Warden, with the responsibility to direct the Emergency Control Organisation,

Emergency Occupant Training: AS 3745-2010: Emergency Plan

AUST – Emergency Plan advises that if there is one thing that AS 3745 – 2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities emphasises, it is the interaction of elements in dealing successfully with emergencies. The AS 3745-2010 Standard highlights how building elements, essential safety measures and occupant training need to work together to maximise occupant safety. Like most emergencies, the failure of providing adequate occupant training can quickly change a manageable emergency into an unmitigated disaster. Not the least of these elements is the people affected by the emergency! For years the need to train the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) has